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Liam Kristopher Morgan

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Name:Liam Kristopher Morgan
Birthdate:Apr 4
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America

Natural Blond | Blue eyes | Hairdresser | Medical Student | Little Brother

Liam Kristopher Morgan is the youngest of eight children in the large Morgan family of London, England. Liam often jokes that he can't remember all the names of his older brothers and sisters because there are too many of them, but the truth is, they have always been a close family and Liam can't imagine being in any other environment but a huge and chaotic family. He has always been quite a colourful lad, and although there wasn't a lot of hints before hand, his family weren't really too surprised when he came out to them at his 16th birthday party right before telling them he had started a relationship with his first boyfriend. It lasted all of a month, but Liam hasn't looked back since and quickly got himself a bit of promiscuous reputation.

Like the rest of his family, he has always been a hard-worker, and got his first job in a hair salon when he was 15 with the determination to save up for medical school after wanting to be a doctor since he was a kid. He impressed his bosses with a seemingly natural talent for hairdressing and soon found himself somehow a fully qualified hairdresser when they put him through his apprenticeship. Liam loved the job, but the only reason he ever worked his way up was because with each stage he got a pay rise, and continued to add more and more to his savings for college. He applied for schools not only in London, but also tried his luck overseas and was offered a partial scholarship to the Mount Sinai School of Medicine with New York University. But his family being as close as they were, and hence protective of their youngest, one of his big sisters, Natalie, decided to go to New York with him. She was a fully qualified Nanny and wouldn't have any trouble finding work in the big city. She scored a job with a single dad who was an FBI Special Agent, and whilst he didn't need her to be a live-in Nanny, she had to have flexibility if he was held up with work. She and Liam got a small apartment together, with Liam managing to find a job at a salon in Soho so he could still make ends meet. He is now in his third year of Med School and hopes to get a Residency in Surgery once he graduates to eventually specialise as a General Surgeon.

Despite predominantly "getting in touch with his inner chick" (according to his big brother), Liam is still typically a lad with a questionable sense of humour who can hold his own in any blokey environment. Not having a lot of spare time on his hands, he likes to let loose when he does, enjoying nightclubs, dancing, drinking and sex whenever he can drag his nose out of the books. He can often be found at his parents' place or hanging out with his brothers and sisters. No matter how busy they all are and how different their paths have taken them, they still always find time for each other, with Liam and Natalie often visiting London, and family coming to them when finances permit.

RECENT & NOW: Once he really got into the thick of this with Med School, Liam's ambition ended up getting the better of him once he started practical placement for college. After passing out on a night shift one evening, he ended up a patient in hospital himself with exhaustion, dehydration and anaemia from pushing himself too hard trying to work and study without eating enough, Liam had to drop his hairdressing to just a couple of days per week so he could focus on college. He fought it, but his family were insistent that he take better care of himself before he killed himself.

In an attempt to try to chill out and get back in touch with his fun side that had gotten swallowed up with work and study, Liam went out to a gay bar but it all took a turn for the worst. He was cornered in the bathroom by a large burly guy covered in tats, probably twice Liam's weight. The guy hit on Liam and tried to get handsy with him, but wouldn't take no for an answer. When Liam tried to fight him off, it went down hill and the guy took what he wanted anyway, smacking Liam across the face and twisting his arm back to stop him fighting back. He was pushed into a stall and assaulted, but got walked in on by Liam's group of friends before it got as bad as it could be and the guy ran off. Liam had tried to cover it up, making out like it was no big deal, but his sister wasn't going to take his evasive tactics. He was beaten up pretty bad and it soon became impossible for him to lie about what happened. The following day, the attacker showed up dead from a brain hemorrhage from severe trauma to the head and although Liam was initially a suspect, he was cleared with an alibi being at home with Natalie. His friends were subjected to a cruel investigation as suspects themselves, and only eventually were cleared when the person who did it came forward and confessed to not only doing it, but doing it because he had been a victim of rape by the guy himself. He and Liam were one of many, and it was a difficult time all around.

It impacted on Liam psychologically long after the wounds healed. He was prescribed sleeping tablets, and one night when it all got too much, he tried to overdose but Nat found him and got him to the hospital. To this day, nearly two years since it happened, he hasn't let anyone remotely close to him in an intimate or sexual way and has been averted to dating all together, once again throwing himself into study and work. Therapy helped him work through most of it, and he enjoys his life, but it remains to be seen if he will ever overcome those demons to ever let anyone close enough to him to find love.

Liam is an Original Character for [community profile] dreamlikenewyork musebox/psl

Liam is an original character with no fandom affiliation.
PB is Sam Harwood, who belongs to himself.
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